Sole programmer and co-designer for the Ludum Dare version, continuing development into an early access rework and release in late 2024 with my new company, Constellation Creative.
Help Chef Klaus as he starts his first and only Food Truck in a fictional version of Los Angeles. With no menu, no gear, and limited time, can you serve up enough five-star meals to pay off your loan before the deadline?

Skills: System Programming, Gameplay Programming, Asset Implementation, FMOD integration.- Jam Version Theme: Limited Space.

- Samuel Reinhart - Unity Lead, Systems Programmer, Gameplay Programmer
- Jamie Parreno - Lead Artist
- Jefferson Jo - Concept, Card, ,and Character Art
- JT Manning - Co-Lead Designer
- Harrison Roberts - Gameplay Designer
-Kalin Richmond - Music and Sounds
Art below by Jefferson Jo and Jamie Parreno
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