Samuel Reinhart 
Game/Software Developer
Los Angeles, CA
Mobile: (425) 753-0704
Notable Skills

Game Engines: Unity Engine.
Programming Languages: C#, C.
Additional Skills: Unity DevOps, Narrative Writing, Apple Development.
Relevant Work Experience

Systems Programmer @ Communion Games
C#/Unity Engine
On Contract
4/2023 - Present
On contract with Communion Games to develop primary games systems for their upcoming title. Created custom editor tools for development by non-programmers, primary games systems including events systems and customization features, and more.
Additional Gameplay Programmer @ Asses.Masses
C#/Unity Engine
On Contract
11/13/2022 - 3/1/2023
On contract to develop systems and minigames for later episodes in the theatre-game hybrid, as well as assist in implementing new features, refactoring old features, and code cleanup. Implemented new 3D character controllers and consolidated scripts.
Lead Programmer @ Medical Cyberworlds Inc.
C#/Unity Engine
On Contract
8/1/2022 - Present 
Developed prototype of a program for Medical Cyberworlds Inc., currently protected by NDA, done in collaboration with the Yale School of Medicine. Featured skills with voice recognition technology. UI elements and animation implementation were done by a second programmer. Contract extended for part-time development of additional features and support prior to release.
Developer @ Independent
C#/Unity Engine
Focus in Gameplay Engineering
6/2020 - Present
Project lead, designer, and sole programmer of multiple game jams executed in time constraints using C# and Unity Engine. Worked on solo projects, in the pipeline for release. Examples available here.

Academy Instructor @ DigiPen Academy
9/2021 - 6/2022
Teaching fundamentals of game design, programming, and more.

Academy Instructor @ DigiPen ProjectFUN Workshops
6/2015 - 8/2018 & 5/21 - 8/21
Applied knowledge of planning, engineering, programming and public speaking skills to teach students in a variety of subjects, from Robotics to 3D Printing. TA and Teacher positions.

Chapman University
BFA Screen Acting
Minor in Writing and Rhetoric
Graduated May 2019
Worked primarily with the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and College of Performing Arts. 

DigiPen Institute of Technology
WaNIC Program
Instruction in Base C and Python
Attended the Washington Network of Innovative Careers for Junior year of high school. Two semesters of training in base C, python, assembly and engineering fundamentals, as well as game design. 

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