Short Fuse is a 3D action-roguelike featuring local and online multiplayer, destructible terrain elements, and fast paced exploration. Combining inspiration from Bomberman, Minecraft, Zelda and Spelunky, Short Fuse stands on its own two legs as a fun and unique experience the whole way through.

The game is currently in the early stages, where a vertical slice is being created from an updated version of the Ludum Dare entry. Upon completion, we would seek a publisher and financial support for full development.
Q: What are you doing on Short Fuse?
A: My role is as Project Lead and co-lead Programmer. I am focused on developing core systems alongside Lukas, my co-programmer, while planning the game and divvying up tasks to our team.
Q: Why do you not have a score from the Ludum Dare you entered?
A: Our team recognized the strength of the prototype immediately, and signed on to develop a full Vertical Slice, and hopefully, full version of the game.
The demo is playable as a WebGL build or downloadable. Click the button below.
During development, most of our focus is on improving and implementing clarity features, reworks to the traps (which falls under the same umbrella), and implementing the roguelike elements. We are already hard at work on developing a unique special ability and weapons system, further expanded procedural generation with boons, traps and puzzles to explore, and online co-operative play.
We hope to continue development in the future.
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